Hearing Aid Options

Affordable Hearing Aids in Columbus, NE

We help provide better hearing through discreet and intuitive hearing aids. We offer an array of affordable hearing aid options to meet every budget, cosmetic and hearing loss need. Our certified hearing aid specialists use a personalized approach in recommending hearing aid options to best meet every patient’s preferences. Below you will learn about the many different hearing aid technology features offered as well as our friendly purchase financing options.

Invisible Solutions: Invisible* and Powerful

  • Invisible –in-Canal size
  • Enjoy virtually no buzzing or whistling
  • Comfortable and custom fit to your ear canal
  • Designed for easy removal for better ear health

Wireless Streaming NuEar SDS Hearing Aids

  • Allow for streaming of phone calls, music and TV audio into your hearing aids
  • Pair with SurfLink Mobile to reduce listening effort in noisy environments
  • Fit comfortably and discreetly on your ears
  • To see how others have overcome their hearing loss difficulties through the use of our advanced hearing aid technology simply view our patient testimonial page.

    *Invisibility may vary based upon your ear’s anatomy.